Current Book(s)

Gelineau & King's Echoes of Ascended novellas:

  • A Reaper of Stone
  • Rend the Dark
  • Best Left in the Shadows
  • Faith and Moonlight
  • Broken Banners

Welcome to the Underground Kingdom Inn. I, Malrock StoneShield, will be your guide as we traverse the written accounts of valiant heroes, high adventures and low humor.  I have been traveling for hundreds of years in exploration of this collection and now, as I enter my twilight, I have built this inn to share my collection with you. Most of you. Some of you. 

Each month I shall invite an adventuring companion (maybe a soul who owes me coin) and they will uncover the text that lies directly ahead.  Expect a adventure debrief date to be set and a post added to the quest board soon after. The quest board is located above the urine rock in the medium-sized creature stall (the Google Group below).