At the beginning of this year BRIAN McGRATH made a resolution to become nerdier. With his love of d&d, sports, and HBO shows, Brian is getting closer to becoming the true nerd he longs to be. He has performed improv all over Los Angeles as a member of the comedy group, Serious V-Neck, wearing a deep v-neck shirt to every show. Originally from Tucson, AZ he is just one class short of a degree in Theatre Arts with a minor in Leadership. He loves to going out to eat, bragging about his friends, and visiting local watering holes that serve him booze instead of water. Possibly for all these reasons above, along with his lack of perception as to when girls are interested in him, he is the only single guy in the group. It may also be because he refers to women as girls.


Goliath Barbarian: [Character Sheet]

Former Soldier that is now a bouncer at a tavern. He was always thought to be a rising star in battle. He loves people and enjoys interacting with them in the city, tavern, and sometimes to a fault wants to chat first before using his natural battle tactics. His nickname has been changed frequently do to this fact.

Human Ranger (Beastmaster): [Character Sheet]

Franklin "Wolf" Lewis is a member of the gang The Keep. He is quick to let arrows fly against those who threaten himself, his gang, the innocent, his pet wolf Chase, or those that just piss him off.

He joined the gang at the age of 8, after he was saved by one of their leaders Prince from a rival gang The Veiled Eye. His family let him leave to join the gang not because they support it, but because they knew it could save his life. The Keep is known for increasing their effectiveness in fights by training pets, wielding multiple weapons, relying on their surroundings in nature, and taking down threats before the problems.