MATT COOK grew up on the Jersey shore. The real one. But instead of learning how to surf or skate like his friends, he spent his time honing his video game and action figure skills inside the safety and comfort of his bedroom.  Not much has changed except he’s now doing that in LA. He’s a current member of the Main Company at The Groundlings. A founding member of the sketch comedy group Big Boss and performs improv with other groups all over town. Matt’s been on 2 Broke Girls, Whitney, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Kickin’ It, and reoccurred as Upton “Choirboy” Cruickshank on NBC’s Harry’s Law. D&D has become a driving force in his life and rarely travels anywhere with out his character sheets and dice.

Matt is currently spending much of his time in Crit City, USA and looking to take up permanent residence there.


Halfling Rogue: [Character Sheet]

Discarded at birth and sent down the river to die, this newborn Halfling had little hope of survival.  But as fate would have it, the basket that carried our infant hero washed ashore next to a pack of friendly bear cubs who heard his cries.  They began to investigate.  When their mama came over she could only see a young pup in need.  She took him in and raised him as one of her own.  

As time went on and the baby grew up, the animals who saved him became dependent on him.  He could do things they could not, get things they could not, reach places they could not, and defend in a way they could not.  He became their hero.  And soon, he will be the world's hero as well...

Hengeyokai Sorcerer (Wild Magic): [Character Sheet]

Arience is a Human Wizard born of noble blood. He is destined to be a great ruler of a large kingdom. In preparation for becoming a leader, he must go on quests, prove his worthiness, be seen by the peoples. Arience feels little need to prove anything. It is his right to reign.

Though his tact can be a bit off, his conviction in himself is high. He stands stall and steadfast and speaks as a leader should, but his ego can get the better of him. He is accompanied by his Dragonling familiar, L.P. (Lord Protector). He takes pride in being able to wield magic with ease. A skill he believes will help him one day sit upon his throne. 


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