DANIEL ACKER grew up in Columbus, Ohio and at a young age he knew he wanted to get out of there. He ventured west to the University of Southern California. There he worked with the improv and sketch group Commedus Interruptus. After university, Daniel joined up with fellow Commedus members, forming the troupe Trust Fall. He’s taken classes at UCB where he has joined a group of improvisers called Frenemies. He also takes improv classes through The Groundlings where he’s met the fun bunch that form The Gym. Basically, Daniel keeps busy with performing comedy. He frequents stand up clubs as well. So, if you don’t see him performing improv or sketch, perhaps, you can catch him doing some stand up. He currently writes sketch comedy for Maker Studios.

Without further ado… let’s roll initiative.


Drow Sorcerer: [Character Sheet]

Ophraned and left to fend for himself, Zorticus has spent the last few decades being a hermit. He has read a lot about the outside world, but hasn't really experienced it. He can't wait to venture out in the world and get into some trouble. He has theories about what goes on in the world and he's excited to test them out. 

Human Wizard: [Character Sheet]

Arience is a Human Wizard born of noble blood. He is destined to be a great ruler of a large kingdom. In preparation for becoming a leader, he must go on quests, prove his worthiness, be seen by the peoples. Arience feels little need to prove anything. It is his right to reign.

Though his tact can be a bit off, his conviction in himself is high. He stands stall and steadfast and speaks as a leader should, but his ego can get the better of him. He is accompanied by his Dragonling familiar, L.P. (Lord Protector). He takes pride in being able to wield magic with ease. A skill he believes will help him one day sit upon his throne.