DAVID CRENNEN has been elbow deep in Dungeons and Dragons since the 6th grade. He has been a Dungeon Master throughout AD&D, D&D 3rd Ed., D&D 3.5, D&D 4th Ed., and in all likelihood will continue to play all future editions until his dice rollin’ fingers drop off a withered and palsied hand. David gets through root canals by mentally planning out wizard towers, got fired from a job because he kept designing dungeons on the work computers, and goes to sleep while fleshing out NPC’s for his next session.  

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He once decided to quit D&D for good and made it almost 6 months before joining a new group. He now accepts that D&D is in his DNA and wouldn’t dream of trying such an insane stunt ever again.

Some of the favorite ways David has killed off PC’s are as follows: drowned by sea hag, poisoned at royal banquet, crushed by giant tree, viciously beaten by Orc chieftain, subsumed by monstrous worms and, of course, devoured by dragon.

David’s favorite monster is the Zaratan 

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