Miniatures are just a single tool at your disposal.

Miniatures are just a single tool at your disposal.

Not since the Tomb of Horrors has there been
a better way to keep players on their toes.

This blog is for those whose calling resides behind a screen. Accumulated below are an incredible look into Dungeon Mastering, Story Smithing, and ways to keep your cool when dealing with drunken goblins - all brought to you by our epic level DM, David.

Unique Magic Items

Expanded Tables for D&D Next

Perfect Magic Item Sets

Templates & How to Craft Your Own

Combat & NPC's (pt 2)

Without Jacking Up Your Game

Hairbands in a GD Pillcase

tatus effects on the cheap.

Winter is Coming

How to make tracking seasons fun.

Recap Trivia

Solving the Pre-Game Recap

Why Give Players Rituals...

If They Can Never Use Them?

An Ooze Bestiary

Eat your heart out Nickelodeon.

Combat & NPC's (pt 1)

Without Jacking Up Your Game

Power of the Cosmic Corgi

 ...And Other Random Magic Effects

"Princess, I Love You?"

Solving NPC relationship problems.

You're Not Living Unless...

You Give 1st Lvl Characters Artifacts

The Gelatinous Courtyard...


Adventure Preview

The Pursuit of Mad Prince Ezra

Power and Voice

Playing NPC Companion Characters

Going Nuts in the Big City

Get trained in Streetwise