Adventure Preview


This week, I’m using my article to highlight an exciting new corner of the Crit Juice empire – our first complete adventure packet!

Excitingly titled “Crit Juice: The Pursuit of Mad Prince Ezra”, the adventure will contain all the monsters, maps, game rules and other delicious content featured in Podcast episodes 001-004 (Level 3). While we finish putting on all the bells and whistles, I thought I would treat you to a couple excerpts.

Below, you’ll find the rules for the in-game drinking game the Crit Juice crew were nearly bested by in the Snooty Fox Tavern and, if that’s not enough, you can download the first page of the adventure packet here!

Endurance pays off!

Endurance pays off!

Optional Drinking Game: Chugging Contest

If you want to incorporate some of the good, old-fashion drinking fun like the players at Crit Juice, you can implement this optional rule. The murderous band refuse to tell the PC’s where the prince is going, unless they can prove their quality through the ultimate and most revealing show of character, competing in an ale chugging contest. If, and only if, the PC’s win the ruffians will disclose everything they know.

Each PC must compete against one of the murderers, attempting to down their beer before the their opponent can. In game this is represented by the character passing a DC 15 Endurance check.

At the table, the following drinking rules are in play:

  • In order to roll an Endurance check a player must take a drink.
  • If the player rolls less than 15, he may take another drink to roll again.
  • Other party members can assist the player in question. They take a drink, and roll a d20. On a roll of 10 or higher they add +2 to the player’s roll.
  • Every member of the party must successfully pass their Endurance check in order to win the drinking contest.

As always, use your own best judgment regarding your personal safe and healthy drinking limits.

-By David Crennen
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