An Ooze Bestiary


In the course of preparing the Slithering Dungeon of the Mad Master of Slime, (which you can listen to here) I couldn’t help but notice the stunning dearth of interesting slimes to throw at hapless dungeon adventurers. In particular, most slimes tend to fall into the direct attack category. This is all well and good, but  when you’re building an entire adventure populated by nothing but slimes, you realize you’re going to have to get a bit creative to keep things interesting. 

To that end, I created a handful of new slimes to throw at the party – some of which made it into the podcast and some of which you’ll have to wait to find in the complete, downloadable adventure packet. (If you want to check out some of our previous adventures in the meanwhile, you can download this encounter.)

Three original creations are available below. All monsters have been balanced using Wizard of the Coast guidelines, so they can be introduced without fear into any campaign.

NPC's of yuck.

  1. Red Slime

    These slimes are generally found in swamps, near active volcanic areas, amid alchemical disaster sites, or anywhere else volatile gases are likely to form. Red Slimes would be utterly forgettable slime minions, if they had not managed to form around a bubble of explosive gas. The gas pocket gives them the rater unnerving ability to float around like aerial jellyfish and, even worse, the nasty habit of exploding violently when popped. 

  2. Rainbow Slime

    A rainbow slime tends to form anywhere there are high concentrations of chaos magic. These multi-hued oozes are barely contained balls of bulging chromatic energy, constantly fluctuating between entire spectrums of color – an attribute that has a pronounced hypnotic effect upon adventurers unlucky enough to come across one. Their highly unstable nature means that they are easy to destroy but, paradoxically, hard to stop.

  3. Gold Ooze

    Metal is largely immune to an ooze’s digestive process, so it must be for some other reason that gold oozes ingest huge quantities of gold coins. Oozes of this sort are justifiably popular among dungeon delvers for the payloads of wealth they leave behind when defeated. As a result, gold oozes have learned to be quite shy and tend to slither away from combat when confronted. Many an adventurer has found himself in hot water when running down a fleeing gold ooze lands him in the middle of a monster’s den.

    It’s interesting to note that the metal bulk contained in gold oozes gives them invulnerability to all but magical attacks.

  4. Green Slime Float

    The green slime float is a variant of the standard green slime. Green slime floats have figured out how to inflate themselves like soap bubbles and use this power to gently descend on unsuspecting adventurers from above. Once a Green slime float has enveloped an adventurer, it then floats off – generally as high as it can go since it has found this discourages prey from trying to pop it.

    Green slime floats are particularly dangerous foes to encounter in caverns with bottomless pits or lava pools.

    To make a Green slime float, simply replace a green slime’s climb speed with an equal fly speed.

-By David Crennen
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