GARY M SOLDATI hails from the streets of Western Massachusetts.  On these mean streets, Gary discovered comic books, basketball and his dwarven heritage.  One of those things isn’t entirely true.  Gary has struggled with “salt and pepper hair” but appreciates that his grayness has earned him a solid “young father” typecast for Target, Continental Tires and Direct TV commercials.  After years of stage and Shakespeare work, Gary studied under Barbara Marchant from the William Esper Studio and performed stand-up in New York.  Since moving to Los Angeles, Gary has been writing, performing and “studying” comedy while his wife writes her dissertation.  

Gary recently volunteered in Haiti where he was supposed to be helping those whose lives were devastated by the earthquake but mostly he just realized how f@#$ing lucky he is to do what he loves everyday. Someday, Gary plans to raise (dwarven) children with his beautiful wife in a cave in New Zealand…  think Mines of Moria. 


Mountain Dwarf Paladin of Malforge: [Character Sheet]

Sollen fell holding the Longfall Pass against Traq's Orcs, in the Blackrock Mountains. Apparently, for reasons unknown even to him, death didn't stick. He was known for his temper, his drive to smite evil, his love of ale and his shitty poetry.

Human Tempest Cleric of Rayland: [Character Sheet]

As an infant, her family hold was destroyed by an unknown force. She was found amidst the wreckage, under a shield. As the sole survivor of her line, she was taken in by the mysterious and secretive Order of the Storm Dragon. Now grown, she has recently left Thunderhelm, the Order's stronghold in the Blackrock Mountains. She is looking for answers. She is short on patience and long on ass-kicking. Not the best traits when re-entering society...or are they?

Dwarf Swordmage: [Character Sheet]

Gralford StoneShield is a Dwarven Swordmage. This is rare among Dwarves and he did not have an easy upbringing because of it. At a young age, he was taken from his family by his Uncle, Rocklon. He took Gralford to study at an academy that was more focused on his “special skill set”.

He was the only Dwarf among Elves, Half-Elves, Humans, Eladrins and even some Halfings. Though he has a very unDwarf-like fighting style, he is every bit a Dwarf. What he lacks in agility, which is what a good deal of his training was based upon, he makes up for with athletics and endurance…or so he believes. Though he never uses it, Gralford is never without his family’s shield, which he carries on his back. He is a Hammer of Moradin.