Ryan Gaul and David during  Record Session 005 .

Ryan Gaul and David during Record Session 005.


After growing up on the central coast of Maine, Ryan moved south and attended Stonehill College outside of Boston, Ma. Following a brief career as an office supply salesman, Ryan decided he would start calling himself an actor. Then, he started acting. On top of being a Groundlings Main Company Member, Ryan's television credits include House of Lies, Modern Family, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, 2 Broke Girls andSuper Fun Night.  Film credits include Identity Thief and Space Station 76

Ryan hopped in with us for Record Session 005, and voiced ALL of the legendary assassins that attacked the party in the Battle of Blazestone. His hilarious improvising skills created the memorable "Blazestone Boxing" debacle as well as pioneering our unofficial fifth Golden Drinking Rule- The Gaul Faul (Drink whenever a die falls off the table). 

Amy brought her own sword to Record Session 008.

Amy brought her own sword to Record Session 008.


Amy Vorpahl is an actress/writer/producer from Texas. She graduated from the University of Oklahoma with her BFA in acting, and is really stoked to be a graduate of The Groundlings Sunday Company! Some TV credits include The Mindy Project, Super Fun Night, Body of Proof, and Castle. You may also have seen her in national commercials, web series, and most importantly, her vines. She has written, produced, and starred in several short films and features. Amy's really sorry about not listing all the titles, but don't yell at her, geez, she's sensitive. 

Amy joined the adventuring party as we arrived in Thunderblood during Record Session 008. Her satyr, Noomi, was a hilarious mix of a drunken Barbara Walters and Katy Perry. She brought such vernacular to the table as "Goatgina."  

Lee takes a short rest during Record Session 010.

Lee takes a short rest during Record Session 010.


Lee Newton is from a tiny mining town outside of Yosemite that no one has ever heard of... so she says she's from Yosemite and lets people assume she rides horses and fights bears.  She is a host on the YouTube channel Sourcefed, where she delivers hard hitting news peppered with fart jokes.  Her fart jokes (along with the news) contributed to Sourcefed winning an Audience choice Streamy award.  She is a proud member of The Gym Sketch comedy group and will be featured on the upcoming webseriesMyMusic

Lee introduced the party to Fireball whiskey and eggnog in the notoriously drunken Record Session 010. While originally slated to play Dovanna in Record Session 002, she now voices Bitani, Arience's childhood friend with long, sister-wife hair.