Team Up Moves

I've been working on some team-up moves for Doc. Here are my rough ideas...

Doc + Gub:
1) Ember: A portal opens and a two giant anchors on chains shoot out of it. Kosseph Peak can be seen through the portal, and the chain runs over the lip of the volcano. Gub and Doc both grab the anchors and pull them. A massive lava demigod is pulled out of the volcano by a golden collar, and sticks it's head through the portal, spraying fire and lava all over the field. As it cools, it turns into obsidian. Targets are immobilized, save ends. While immobilized, they suffer 1d6 fire damage per turn.

2) Atonement: Doc kneels and the spectre of Sef rises behind him. Sef begins playing a song on his lute, and all of Gub's tattoos begin to glow. Around Gub the spirits of those he's assassinated appear to aid him in his fighting. They guide his blade, and deflect blows directed towards him.  Doc is dazed, but Gub gets 2 standards per turn while the effect persists.

Doc + Arience:
1) Sturgical Strike: Doc pulls a copper snake figurine out from his bag, and throws it at an enemy. It comes to life, coiling around the enemy multiple times, constricting them. Arience calls forth lightning, turning the enemy into a giant electro magnet. All enemies wearing metal burst 5 are pulled adjacent to the elctro-magnet. Arience finishes them off by creating a massive explosion at the center of the clump.

2) Dog in a China Shop: A crown of lightning appears on Arience's head as he floats into the air. He raises the scepter of Thunderblood, and the ground under him erupts as jagged pieces of the Shimmerglass slice up from the earth. Enemies hit are trapped inside the glass. Doc dodges the glass, but is cut and becomes bloodied, instantly shifting him into his Longtooth form. He goes into a rampage, charging all trapped enemies, leaving shattered pieces of them behind. He can continue to charge different creatures until he misses.

Doc + Gralford:
1) Bampher Up: Doc starts spinning with his great spear, knocking enemies flying. Gralford teleports around in bursts of lightning, knocking them back towards Doc for multiple attack opportunities. 

2) The Dwarven Basket Trick: Doc pole-vaults high into the air as Gralford slams his shield into the ground, causing it to crack and rupture. Stone walls form a prison around the enemy with the insignia of the Stoneshields. Doc lands on top of the dome, and giant glowing radiant swords stab the prison like a magician's trick.

Doc + Dar'Jjeeki:
1) Hengeyoken: Dar'Jjeeki shifts into rabbit form and Doc picks him up. Doc spins, using his great spear as a counterweight. Electric sparks begin forming as the air resistance builds up on the tiny bunny. Doc throws him, as he bursts into an electric bunny skull of death. The earth behind him is torn from the ground leaving difficult terrain.