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Matt Buchholtz drinks a lot of coffee. A lot. He also writes (screenplays & pilots), makes paintings and doodles, is learning photography, and plays a lot of video games. He has studied at the University of Washington, Groundlings Theatre, and Upright Citizens Brigade. He teaches every year at Satori Summer Camp. He also plays a mean game of foosball.

FUN TRIVIA: Matt learned D&D so he could help write Chaotic Good Online. Books/Topics Matt has had to read to play Doc Keratin include: Woodworking, Blacksmithing, Survival, Distilling, Microbrewing, Butchery, and Mustache History. 

Doc Keratin

Level 11 Longtooth Shifter Cleric of Dol Dorn: (Character Sheet)

NAT 20’s: 13* | NAT 1's: 9 | DAMAGE DONE: 727 | DAMAGE TAKEN: 253

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Doc Keratin was chosen by Dol Dorn to aid the weak and promote strength and charity throughout the realm. As an orphaned youth, he was given powers of healing and strength unmatched within the Sovereign Host. He was immediately adopted by the temple of Dol Dorn in the Holy City of Mariposa.

But organized religion is just a way for people to take money from the commoners, so Doc has made it his priority to dissuade as many people from paying their tithes and offerings as possible. And the gods are just as much to blame as the clergy. Why do they let people continue to pay other people just to worship? The whole thing is infuriating. Why anyone would need a church to worship is beyond him. Just go outside. Be a good person. Don’t be a dick.

Despite his disdain for their cause, but not ready to allow someone who had been blessed to leave their parish, the church quickly moved Doc from a job inside the temple to the outskirts of town, selling relics of Dol Dorn from his forge to visitors. 

In his free time he likes to adventure out into the wilderness, seeking feats of strength and challenges to overcome. You can see some of his slaying tips in Doc Keratin's ABC's of Monster Hunting. If you ever wanted to know his theme song, click here. If you want to know a song that inspired his character, click here.


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