Matt's a coffee addict and an all-around good guy. He writes comedy and plays a lot of video games. He studied at Upright Citizen’s Brigade and The Groundlings, and went to The University of Washington. He writes for MachinimaBacklot Digital, and other places here and there. 

He’ll also take some California Rolls. You deliver, right?


Wood Elf Roofer (Monk): [Character Sheet]

Coming from a long line of roofers, Roofer works for the Thatch Brothers out of the port city of Thaddix, Thunderblood. Positive and filled with words of wisdom, he's a fan of working with his hands and making friends.

Currently, he's endeavoring to become the Thatch Brothers Employee of the Month. 

Longtooth Shifter Cleric of Dol Dorn: [Character Sheet]

An orphan on the streets of Mariposa, Doc was adopted by the temple of Dol Dorn after as a cantankerous six-year old he was found in an alley standing victorious over a pair of street thugs twice his size, glowing with a divine healing light. Doc quickly adopted the Dol Dorn beliefs, loving an underdog fight and the chance to constantly test his strength.

Unfortunately for the church, Doc is a strong believer that the organized religion is just a way for greedy people to take money from common folk, so he dissuades as many people from paying tithes and offerings as possible. Instead he promotes the idea of go outside, be an honest person, and don’t be a dick.

In his free time he adventures into the wilderness, seeking feats of strength and challenges to overcome. He often ventures to towns plagued by beasts or bandits, seeking a fight that will finally push him to his limit.