The Crit Decks at Crit Juice: Live

The Crit Decks at Crit Juice: Live

D&D is all about the adventuring party.
Crit Juice invites you to that party.

Audience participation is a large part of what makes Crit Juice awesome. Gone are the days of podcasts being an untouchable group with pre-planned encounters. Now YOU are given the ability to screw us over, make something epic happen, or just get us trashed with extra drinks. And while we can’t guarantee that you’ll get laid if you submit something, the odds are pretty solid.

Make sure to include your TWITTER or TUMBLR handle so we can give you credit! By submitting, you acknowledge this general release stuff


Crit Juice is all about drinking while delving. On top of our four golden rules (Drink on Initiative, Crits, Achievements, and Action Points), at the beginning of each session we also roll a d6 to see how the Drinking Gods (our audience) favor us. Whatever number is rolled is how many additional drinking rules are put into play for the session. Submit penances via this form!


  • Drink whenever you roll a 3
  • Drink whenever Tom forgets to use Gub’s voice
  • Drink whenever you see a halfling


We want you to submit your hilariously disturbing and/or creatively ridiculous Critical Successes and Critical Fails for us to use in our upcoming games. The submissions you guys send us will be put into the CRIT DECKS- stacks of cards the players and DM have to draw from during our podcasts whenever they roll a 20 or a 1. Submit your Crit cards here!

Here are some examples:

  • CRIT EXAMPLE:  You pull a small whistle from a hidden pocket inside your armor. When you blow in it, no noise can be heard. Your enemy laughs. Then from nowhere, Chuck Norris roundhouses the baddie into a trillion pieces. 


  • CRIT FAIL EXAMPLE: You rear back to get the perfect shot at your enemy. He’s not even looking. As you swing, he ducks to pick up a penny and your attack hits your nearest ally in the junk. That ally is slowed for 2 rounds until their testicle can be retrieved.


Sure we love drinking, but we value safety first. So send us your "Roll Responsibly" audio clip, and we'll put it at the end of our episode! Just make sure your audio tag includes "Roll Responsibly, Don't Drink and Drive" and you're all set! Send your audio tags in .wav or .mp3 format to with the subject line, "ROLL RESPONSIBLY!"


Have an awesome group of friends that you game with? A delectable spread at your game that makes a king's feast look like a half-eaten Lunchable? Send us a pic! Every Tuesday we will be celebrating Yousday, where we show off your games/groups/etc.  Email us your pic to with the subject line, "YOUSDAY"!  

Here are the YOUSDAYS we've featured so far!