RECORD SESSION 002: Mariposa Burning





Did you fart?

In the holy city of Mariposa, a fog has taken the souls of every living being. The group fights alcohol poisoning and monsters in this pilot episode of CRIT JUICE! 

Ladies & Gentlemen,
Lloyd the Giant Head

I think we can all agree on an industry standard for tipping! We meet The Redcloaks and have a grand ol' drunken time. 

The Princess is
a Phi Beta Kappa

With a little help from Dar'Jjeeki, the group takes off with the princess to the City of Assassins. Gub bumps into an old flame, and a drunken Tom Fonss may or may not make out with the DM.


The group infiltrates the Veiled Eye headquarters and find themselves balancing atop rafters, evading spiders, and captaining a boat filled with demons!