The table awaits.

The table awaits.

Record Session 003: Episodes 005, 006, 007, and 008

We've moved to a new space in this session, with more room, but a noisier table. The group fights through a gelatinous cube that is 1000' x 1000' x 1000', and then get wayyyyyyy too drunk and end up getting near naked in an attempt for combat advantage. Enjoy at your own risk.

Drinking God Rules: 5 

  • Drink every milestone - @AbbieArcane
  • Drink whenever you consult the rule-book - Thomas R.
  • Drink whenever you get lost in the dungeon - @vindicasean
  • Finish your drink on an extended rest - @AbbieArcane
  • Lowest initiative roll takes a drink - Seth R. 

Episodes featuring these images:

Episode 008

No shirt, no shoes, no... pants?

Episode 007

Climbing the cube: From the inside!

Episode 006

The mountain town of Brennet is... missing?

Episode 005

Gub battles a sandworm and more!