RECORD SESSION 003: The Gelatinous Tomb

Honey Boo Boo &
The Dirt Shitters

The group, having narrowly escaped a waterfall, finds themselves fighting off worm-men mercs and Gub battles a sandworm as David takes a suggestion from a listener. 

It's Alive!

The group finds the town of Brennet, but not how they expected. What causes an entire city to be suspended in the air? And whats 1000 cubed? The group finds out while getting totally sauced in this episode of Crit Juice! 

You Ooze,
You Lose

Dodging exploding slimes, and feeling like they might have wandered onto the set of Ghostbusters 2, Gralford learns what it is to be a dwarf, Dar'Jjeeki and Ariance continue their battle for the Princess's heart!

Pants Off for
Combat Advantage

In a mix of Nickelodeon and the Oregon Trail, the group finds themselves out of control on makeshift rafts in a river of ooze. Pants are taken off for combat advantage and Tom Fonss crit fails in real life. Find out if all the characters (and players) make it out alive!