Welcome to Blazestone.

Welcome to Blazestone.

Record Session 004: Episode 009, 010, 011, and 012

Another new location, and an incredible new sound set-up! In these pictures we sneak into the city of Blazestone to find out the source of the corruption in Gub's hometown. MattB lights his hand on fire in a Crit Concoction, and Handsome Gary is out sick.

Drinking God Rules: 5 

  • If you hit exactly 0 hitpoints, take a shot. - @KiloGex
  • Drink whenever someone says Princess - @duncsbailey
  • To use an action point, the player must finish their drink before it can be used - @Winters_Wolves
  • Drink whenever someone you thought was a friend turns out to be an enemy. - @skreet290
  • Drink whenever an RP Conversation goes poorly for the player. - @vindicasean


Episodes featuring these images:

Epiosde 012
Episode 011

The group vs the streets of Blazestone

Episode 010
Episode 009

An ambush by the Red River.