RECORD SESSION 004: Firestarters

Here are the podcasts from a certain recording session. Some information goes here about things. You know, words and stuff that fill the area. It's really cool and makes everyone a little jelly.





Starting the night off with Tom Fonss downing a full shot of 151 and MattB accidentally lighting his hand on fire, the group heads to Gub's hometown of Blazestone. Without Gralford's help, will they be able to take on Asmar the Ashmaker? And will the Princess ever get a weapon? 


The group is finally at Blazestone, but with 5 extra rules from the Drinking Gods all the players are HAMMERED! Will they be able to take on Ofano the Hunter and Joan Rivers? Will the Princess finally kill Doc? 


Stuck in an alleyway in a city that wants them dead, the group must make its way to the rendezvous point using only their wits (and swords, and spears, and magic missiles). Will they be able to blend in with the locals, and pull of the con of the century, or will Ocean's 11 sue the podcast for story-line similarities? 

No Sex in the
Cham-PAIN Room

Still in Blazestone (and wayyy too drunk for their own good) the group poses as high rollers in an attempt to get into Azmar's vault. Will they pull it off or will the strip clubs and casinos be too much for the drunken players at the table to focus on?