Assassins and the Vortex.

Assassins and the Vortex.

Record Session 005: Episode 013, 014, 015, 016

We plow through huge battles with guest star Ryan Gaul! David's insane lava vortex fight spins us into a frenzy and we drink a lot of Magic Hat!

Drinking God Rules: 2 

  • Pouring one out for the Homies: Whenever a player falls to 0 hp, everyone else drinks - @DoubleGXG
  • Gaul Fall: Drink whenever a die rolls off the table - Implemented any time the Drinking God Die rolls 2 or lower. 


Episodes from these images:

Episode 016

The stakes have never been higher. 

Episode 015

The Battle for Blazestone continues!

Episode 014
Episode 013

Assault in the vault.