RECORD SESSION 005: Battle for Blazestone


He's Half the Dick that I Have

Surrounded by gold, and a few drinks in, the group must fight their way past the Butcher of Blazestone. They're joined by The Groundling's Ryan Gaul who matches the group shot-for-shot. There's a visit from the Boner Fairy, Gralford wakes up, Chase actually does something, and the Princess holds her sword.

Drag Us
To Hell

Drinking the Pistil and Ticket to Rye from Magic Hat has worked wonders for Doc but has left Wolf shooting blanks. In this episode, the group continues to fight Tormad "The Hard to Pronounce." Will Gub have another name to tattoo on his arm, or will the masked Dragonborn get the best of him?

Gaul Fallin'
In Love

The lava vortex continues to spin as the players fight for high ground against a group of legendary assassins. Gub and Azmar the Ashmaker fight to the death (but it's not a duel), and the players continue to imbibe nearly as much alcohol as special guest player, Ryan Gaul.

Power is Allowing People to Live

The assassins have made a suicide pact, and plan on taking down the adventurers with them! Wolf and Chase both get Blazestone blazed, and Gralford is scarred FOREVER. All in this episode of Crit Juice!