Dar'Jeeki vs the Veiled Eye

Dar'Jeeki vs the Veiled Eye

Record Session 006: Episodes 017, 18, 19, 20

The Veiled Eye reveal their plan for world domination as the adventurers take on their greatest fight yet. 

Drinking God Rules: 4

  • Any time someone doesn't respond to standing up with "We all stand up" must drink. - @PJMcFatty
  • Finish your drink when you get a Princess Point. If you lose a Princess Point, have someone else finish their drink. - Cody B
  • Whoever gets the final killing blow in an encounter must finish their drink. - @MKorts
  • Drink whenever someone you thought was a friend turns out to be an enemy. - @AniBunny


Episodes from these images:

Episode 020

This dragon is a real dick.

Episode 019

Does this dragon "Freak you out?"

Episode 018

The Hellmouth is hungry.

Episode 017

The one million minion march begins.