Trudging through the Blood Bog

Trudging through the Blood Bog

Record Session 007: Episodes 021, 22, 23, and 24

The Adventuring Party hits PARAGON TIER, and on a weeknight, no less! Will this slow down their drinking? Nope! In fact, they drink even more!

Drinking God Rules: 2

  • Everyone drinks whenever someone uses a daily power. - @NRCreeper
  • GAUL FAUL: If your dice roll goes off the table, you must drink. 


Episodes from these images:

Episode 024

A threeheaded necrocodragon says what?

Episode 023

What's it called when you have a fetish for Dark Pixies?

Episode 022

Time to make boots in the bog.

Episode 021

Paragon city! Level 11 has never looked so good.