RECORD SESSION 007: Blood Bogged Down


Gralford's Voice Revealed

We've hit paragon, and we're ready to PARTY! 
Gary finds Gralford's voice, Cook is on a burn-marathon, and there might even be some unexpected romance as the group meets with the nefarious Red Cloaks in a decimated Blazestone!  

Crennen Wants to Swallow Us

The Blood Bog is a terrible place to be: Ankle deep in sludge and liver-deep in booze, the party fights their way through creeping vines and crocodiles to get even DEEPER into the swamp. You'd think they liked it here... Will Brian's crit frenzy keep the party alive, or will MattB's drunken stubbornness to heal make this their final residence? 


Dark Pixie Hunting

Who lives in a snail/blob tavern under the swamp? SpongeBob MR. T!!!

That's right, everyone's favorite Bartender from the Mountain Town of Brennet is back, and he's here to get drunk and chew bubblegum (But he's all out of bubblegum). The adventuring party is set on a pair of quests to not only help out the rosy-cheeked proprietor, but to also get themselves out of the Blood Bog! 


The One With an Altered Beast Reference

What will be the greatest foe in this episode?
The Necrocodile/Black Dragon or Basic Mathematics? 

 We get drunk in the Blood Bog as the party wages an epic battle against an undead beast with 3 heads! Can the heroes come out on top? Will they save the Dark Pixies? Do they want to?