RECORD SESSION 008: Ringing Glory

Here are the podcasts from a certain recording session. Some information goes here about things. You know, words and stuff that fill the area. It's really cool and makes everyone a little jelly.


Arience and His
Sad Return Home

ust around the corner is the nation of Thunderblood: rich, luxurious, full of wealth. Home of Arience... right?

But why does no one recognize him? Could it be that the party has been travelling with a doppleganger all along? What's this mean for the Princess? Will special guest Amy Vorpahl piece the puzzle together before the adventurers, or will alcohol win yet again?

Y'all Like Desserts?!

It's not uncommon for things to get blurry when you're drunk, but for an entire tavern to turn into a gelatinous danger-room? That's something special. The Blacksmith of Imasskar has it out for Arience and crew as he trades a bottle of wine for sweet, sweet revenge!


I'm Seeing Double!
Four Ariences!

So is Arience, Arience? We may never know, but today we come face to face with an imposter as well as Handsome Gary's love for puns, MattB's 90s music references, and newcomer satyr, Noomi, makes a questionable stealth check! Will the party ever crit during combat again?