RECORD SESSION 009: Night of a Thousand Crit Fails

Here are the podcasts from a certain recording session. Some information goes here about things. You know, words and stuff that fill the area. It's really cool and makes everyone a little jelly.


Phase Drake and Regicide

Rain falls on a slick mountain road as four phase drakes circle our heroes. The King of Thunderblood has been slain. Everyone stands naked, and it seems like only a matter of time before someone glimpses a sight of another's "codpiece area." Will DM David make them roll for natural endowment? Will the wily Dar'Jjeeki find his way back to the table? Will the cursed dice return? And what causes fan-favorite Gub to disappear from our plane of existence?

We Had Birthday Cake!

Gub is on the back of a Phasedrake and the king is dead! How can we top the last episode? Guess we'll all just drink to find out. THE NIGHT OF A THOUSAND CRITS continues!


Go in Quiet...KA-BOOM!

Everstorm Palace is under attack by... the King of Thunderblood? 
Arience leads the charge (invisibly) as our heroes drunkenly fight for the greater good. You won't want to miss Gralford's voice, the race to 5 individual crit fails, and all kinds of fuzzy math as we chug and guzzle delicious grog late into the night!