RECORD SESSION 010: Home Sweet Home

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Is Lee Newton
The Land?

We started off with shots, and now we're ready to roll.
This episode promises to amaze with SIX DRINKING GOD RULES, SHOTS, and LEE NEWTON. Will we make it out of this game with our livers intact, or will the Drinking Gods finally take their toll and make our game one player shy? 

The Mortar and The Pestle Avail on iTunes

The Attack on Everstorm Palace continues as the mysteriously charismatic Lee Newton keeps our players on their toes with a slew of insane traps and #DoveSwords. Will they be able to sway her to their side, or will the old adage "The House Always Wins" ring true? Also, how many shots has Tom Fonss had? 

Duel On! No! Nope! Duel Off!

Whiskey, Tequila, Gin, and Beer have the players battling to keep their wits as the party fights to stay alive. In this episode, Arience throws down the gauntlet, Dar'Jjeeki makes his move, and Tom tries to remember who Tom is and where Tom is at. Special Guest Lee Newton goes round for round with the heavyweights as the Assault on Everstorm Palace continues!

Tom Crits! We Lose Our Minds!

With no barmaid to cut us off, the Crit Juice crew has imbibed wayyyy too much alcohol. We drunkenly slosh our way through the conclusion of the Assault on Everstorm Palace. Arience plans a duel with his doppelganger, and Gub dances with the devil in the brown bagged bottle.