RECORD SESSION 011: Crowning Achievement

Here are the podcasts from a certain recording session. Some information goes here about things. You know, words and stuff that fill the area. It's really cool and makes everyone a little jelly.


Coronation Hesitation

After an amazing live show at The Groundlings Theatre, Crit Juice returned to an all-new recording studio with Los Angeles Ale Works on tap for Record Session 011! David brings in new mechanics, Gary takes more shots, and everyone reminds you what year it is as Arience celebrates his bar mitzvah... er... coronation. 

Pow! Bam!
Holy Batman Knowledge!

Without so much a bite of coronation cake, our heroes continue to fight for their right to party against a shifting ominous cloud and its cadre of phase drakes. Now in the sweet spot of drunken oblivion, our players roll for the fate of their characters! Will they succeed, or will David's promise of character death prove true!?


Warren Deathslayer
Bryant is a Bitch

OKAY, it's a shorter episode, but we're SO BUSY! So enjoy a drunken slosh as our adventurers face a new foe! Plus, we learn all about Newton's law of Dwarven Physics!