RECORD SESSION 012: Shadowfallen

The Eternal Forest seems to hold the secrets to the Feywild, but our adventurers are not about to disappear! So with fresh character sheets, empty stomachs,  and a new recording setup, we launch into a very drunken Record Session 012 of Crit Juice! They somehow find their way through the Shadowfell and into 3 boats! But will they ever set their feet on solid ground again? With their gullets packed with Magic Hat Beer, will they even know!?!


Prince Meets
Crowned Prince

We last left our adventurers in Lordan, the city on the edge of the Eternal Forest. Now we cut to the action, bringing you up to speed with a SHINY NEW EPISODE recorded only last week! With Dar'Jjeeki's Matt Cook landing a massive TV gig, will the Princess be meta-impressed, or will Arience's charms win her over?! Also what is #TEAMEXTREME?!


It's Some America's
Funniest Video Shit

In this episode, we find our adventurers sent on another quest by the elf, Il Muir. Will they blindly follow his lead, or will they branch out on their own as they edge closer to the Eternal Forest. Also, with Dar'Jjeeki obsessed with chomping on a blade of grass, will Arience make his move and finally say those three magic words? (Not "Casting Magic Missile)


The Beatles Row Row Row the Boats

This will be the 40th episode of Crit Juice to grace your ears, and we've come such a long way. Arience, once prince now a king seeks to win the hand of a princess and the respect of his subjects. Wolf, once alone, finds himself part of a pack. And Gralford... still does the same amount of damage he did 39 episodes ago. But will the Shadowfell prove to be the Shadow-fall of our heroes? Only one way to find out...