RECORD SESSION 013: Monsters & Mimosas

The Eternal Forest seems to hold the secrets to the Feywild, but our adventurers are not about to disappear! So with fresh character sheets, empty stomachs,  and a new recording setup, we launch into a very drunken Record Session 012 of Crit Juice! They somehow find their way through the Shadowfell and into 3 boats! But will they ever set their feet on solid ground again? With their gullets packed with Magic Hat Beer, will they even know!?!


"Your Mother's the Monster" and Other Crennen Bedtime Stories

It's early morning, but that hasn't stopped us before! The boys gather for a round of early D&D, or as we like to call it, #MonstersAndMimosas. With an in-house bartender and special guest, 22 Jump Street's Jillian Bell, we hop right into the action, and see the return of everyone's favorite long-eared sorcerer, Dar'Jjeeki!


Jillian Bell and Kridolf Touch Our Butts

Gralford and Kridolf sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-(M-A-R-K?)-I-N-G!  Will these sorrow crossed lovers continue their tryst, or will their love be cut short by an evil lich that is rumored to haunt this town? All this and more in this week's episode of CRIT JUICE!