RECORD SESSION 014: Through the Pommel Stone

The Eternal Forest seems to hold the secrets to the Feywild, but our adventurers are not about to disappear! So with fresh character sheets, empty stomachs,  and a new recording setup, we launch into a very drunken Record Session 012 of Crit Juice! They somehow find their way through the Shadowfell and into 3 boats! But will they ever set their feet on solid ground again? With their gullets packed with Magic Hat Beer, will they even know!?!


Claudia Black Plays Us Like A Lute

Claudia Black (Farscape) sits down at the table with our drunken adventurers for a frolic through a mystic realm of soul-sucking chaos! 


Beware Hairy Men of Short Stature

Z'hana takes us to the secret tavern to meet her friends, and things, as expected take a turn for the worse. Find out how why Gub has to apologize for a puppet show in this episode!