RECORD SESSION 015: The Bold & The Baston

The Eternal Forest seems to hold the secrets to the Feywild, but our adventurers are not about to disappear! So with fresh character sheets, empty stomachs,  and a new recording setup, we launch into a very drunken Record Session 012 of Crit Juice! They somehow find their way through the Shadowfell and into 3 boats! But will they ever set their feet on solid ground again? With their gullets packed with Magic Hat Beer, will they even know!?!


What Prom is Complete Without Whips and Chains?

The group finds themselves back in the Lich's dungeon, but it reminds Gub of his prom. Will he be able to pull it together and get the job done, or will he slow dance the night away as the rest of the party perishes?


I've... Had... The Fight of My Life...

We're not sure what we expected when we went into a lich's dungeon, but we're getting rolled. It could be the delicious beer, or it could be Doc's inability to heal. But this fight is INTENSE! Baston gets even more #swoll and Daniel Acker makes more puns than you'll know what to do with!