RECORD SESSION 016: Bumbledark Goes Boom

The Eternal Forest seems to hold the secrets to the Feywild, but our adventurers are not about to disappear! So with fresh character sheets, empty stomachs,  and a new recording setup, we launch into a very drunken Record Session 012 of Crit Juice! They somehow find their way through the Shadowfell and into 3 boats! But will they ever set their feet on solid ground again? With their gullets packed with Magic Hat Beer, will they even know!?!


Critmas Comes Early For Cook

The Critmas spirit is upon us as the Crit Juice boys start the session heavily intoxicated from a #PREGAME #TEAMEXTREME where Wolf and Gralford went head to head. Now they must find a way to escape the Lich's Dungeon, but not before Gub grabs some toilet readings...


Three Men and a Gnome (& A Dwarf, Dragonborn, & Doc)

Our adventurers find themselves stuck with a gnome in the Bumbledark. Through caverns and tunnels, they'll have to find their way to the Gnome King. Will they be able to convince the gnomes to stop their enslavement of the Light Pixies, or will this be the blow-out fight that everyone has been waiting for!?!