Crit Juice loves welcoming the most hilarious and talented friends of ours to play D&D and share a stein. From the nerdiest and funniest corners of the world, they've changed the course of Crit-history. So check them out, and make sure to check out their other awesome projects! You won't be disappointed!

Daniel Acker/Matt Buchholtz/Matt Cook/Tom Fonss/Brian McGrath/Gary M Soldati/David Crennen/Special Guests


RYAN GAUL is the only man we know who can go toe-to-toe against Handsome Gary on the good-looking scale. Plus, he's an incredibly talented actor and improvisor! He's a main company member at The Groundlings Theatre, and he tackled the seemingly impossible task of voicing SEVEN assassins, making it look EASY. You can see Ryan on House of Lies, Identity Theft, and a billion commercials.


AMY VORPAHL is not only a hilarious lady, but is also able to school ANYONE on D&D. She even taught MattB how to play! For sure you'll want to hear her run as Noomi the Stacked Satyr, but you NEED to see her other work for Buzzfeed, Saving Throw, and more!

LEE NEWTON started her game with us by drinking several Fireball Eggnogs. She then proceeded to roll 3 crit fails in a row. It's okay though, we still love her for making Bittani the most awesome conjurer to ever patrol Everstorm Palace. You know Lee from SourceFed, Maxim, and more!

JILLIAN BELL is a gem. Seriously. How is she so funny and quick? Not to mention one of the nicest people ever. Jillian played Kridolf the butter-face, and had Gary twitterpated and the rest of us in stitches. You probably know her from her hit show Idiotsitter, 22 Jump Street, Workaholics, or Curb Your Enthusiasm. Or for writing the funniest sketches ever on SNL.  


CLAUDIA BLACK schooled us all on character as she brought to life Z'hana the Drop-dead Gorgeous. You may know her from Farscape, Pitch Black, or the HUNDREDS of incredible voices she's played.  But if you've never heard her play D&D, you haven't lived.


IVAN VAN NORMAN hopped into Crit Juice as Baston the Swoll. You probably know him from King of the Nerds, Saving Throw, or as the amazing mind behind Outbreak: Undead! He was a hilarious addition to the table, and kept up with the party.

SANDEEP PARIKH is an incredible actor and producer, known for The Guild, Save the Supers and Breaking Belding. He hopped into Crit Juice Live 002: Beer! Improv! Nerds! making it a night to TRULY remember. He does a LOT of amazing things, all of which you can find out about on his twitter.


CHAMBER BAND is a band that performs songs about love, heartbreak and dragons. They rock our socks, and if we ever win an award, we're walking to their music. Seriously. They joined us for #PUBKNIGHTS: Team Extreme and were incredible. Don't just buy their record, buy ALL THEIR RECORDS.