TOM FONSS hails from a dark and treacherous land known as: San Diego. There he spent most of his days playing “Sonic The Hedgehog 2” and eating an embarrassing amount of microwaveable taquitos. Tom attended the UCLA School of Theater Film & Television and, since graduating, has appeared in numerous commercials, plays, web series, and comedy shows. 

He is alumni of The Groundlings Sunday Company  and is a proud member of his sketch group Big Boss Comedy. He also performs improv regularly with Dragon Dragon Dinosaur and Hospital Fight. Tom’s interests are: nat 20’s, whisky, & jalapeno chips (in that order). 


Rock Gnome Bard: [Character Sheet]

A Dylan-esque troubadour at the end of a long & checkered career (hits, flops, drugs, estranged band members, & many ex-wives). He’s having a hard time getting back that ‘old magic.’ It also doesn’t help that he recently lost his animal companion/drinking buddy: a pink elephant named “Tipsy.”

Dragonborn Fighter (Slayer): [Character Sheet]

GUB T. MONTGOMERY hails from a volcanic hive of scum and villainy known as Blazestone. After 43 years of being the most feared muscle the Blazestone Yakuza has ever employed, he’s on the run from Azmar the Ash Maker his, now, former and royally pissed off dragonborn mob boss. Gub prevented Azmar from killing a kid who “looked at him funny” and by prevented I mean he head butted him and apparently dragonborn mob bosses don’t like getting head butted.

Despite having a bounty on his head, Gub’s still as jovial as ever and his drinking problem is still well out of hand. Gub’s a simple Dragonborn, with simple tastes: he loves the taste of whisky from his flask, a fine Blazestone cigar after battle, talking to women no matter how awkward he is at it, tattooing the names of his fallen foe on his arms, and lighting mofos on fire.